The Missing Husband


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Mumbai PI Abhay Chauhan is hired by the Fernandez family. A brutal blackmail gang is giving elderly, multi-millionare, Joseph Fernandez, the squeeze. With Fernandez’s shrewd young wife and a
wild, party-loving daughter causing mayhem in Mumbai, Chauhan has his work cut out. And that’s before he stumbles across the fi­rst corpse.

He’s also asked to ­find Fernandez’s son-in-law who has disappeared. The police think that the man has committed suicide and the leads have gone cold. As Chauhan starts his investigation, the blackmail turns into a double homicide. A large fortune is at stake, and the two cases unravel to a violent climax.

The novel introduces PI Abhay Chauhan, who drives a dark blue Hindustan Contessa and carries a Glock semi-automatic. Laced with humour, the story is set in 1995 Mumbai.

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  1. Annette Omowale Reis

    This is a gripping read from the onset. A crime thriller par excellence. The locations of the plot and descriptive narrative are vibrant and compelling. The sights sounds and smells of a colourful city and urban areas. Vijay leads us into blind corners and alleyways of surprise with the skilful ease of a born writer. The characters are truly drawn with authenticity and believable dialogue. The superb breath-holding end ties everything together in a satisfying way. Most highly recommended.

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