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Crocus is the publishing wing of Commonword/Cultureword.

A cross-genre publisher rooted in the North-West, we publish and celebrate excellent work from global majority and working-class writers. Crocus proudly distributes across print, performance and digital. In 2022 we are committed to helping writers find cutting-edge digital methods to both create and share their work.

We foster long-standing relationships with those we work with. From major poets such as John Siddique and Keisha Thompson, to the virtuoso crime fiction of Vijay Medtia, to the astonishing multimedia Twine stories of Juice Aleem, our publication platforms centre the diverse talents of North-West writers – and bring those talents to a national audience.

Through Commonword/Cultureword, our writing development programmes nurture and support new writers, providing a springboard to literary success.

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Literature, reflecting the ideas & experiences of everyone, celebrating the insight & poignancy of voices from the margins.